All right, NOBODY has asked me any questions yet. So. Here I am, in conversation with myself. 

Do you have a lot of conversations with yourself?
I have... more than a few. They're not exciting, mostly.

Okay, well let's aim for something exciting, here. 
That isn't a question. But okay. 

Reformed is your first novel. What's it been like?
It's been an amazing experience. Working with great people at Scholastic, getting to tell a story with characters I love -- the past three years have been incredible, and getting to share it with people is one of the coolest things I've ever gotten to do. 

What's next?
Wow, what a great question. A nap? There'll be more books to talk about very soon, I hope... STAY TUNED.

What's the best place to write?
Coffee shops. I once wrote an entire script in a day at The Quadrant Coffee and Book Mart in Easton, PA. I'll never, ever be that productive again. 

Have you ever piloted a dirigible? 
Still no. Counterquestion: does anyone out there have one, and will you teach me?