Felicia Kirsch has lived at least two or three lifetimes’ worth in half the usual span of time allotted for one, and that much is obvious from simply looking at the woman; she cannot hope to hide it beneath that placid temper of hers. No, she carries all her experience on the outside like some people wear tattoos, and those beautiful souvenirs of a life boldly pursued can weave a story which anyone with eyes might pore over as hungrily as their sense of courtesy will permit. It’s incomplete, of course; there are certain tattoos concealed from all except those she loves best. But for an intent voyeur, this concession to modesty is an invitation to conjure a story that is as rich as one’s own imagination. It would not be incorrect or impolite to pause for a moment or two and engage your own natural abilities in this regard. It is well worth your time, since it will whet your appetite to emulate Felicia and it ought to be a dream of yours to do so. Living a bold life is one of your obligations as a human being, and one of your great pleasures—and though you may get many opportunities to fulfill that dream, they are not so frequent that you can afford to let any one of them slide on past.